Biggest Lessons of 2016

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Staying Motivated with English Learning, and Life

Here are four of the most important lessons on motivation from 2016. These lessons have resonated with me the most, and I think they can do the same with you.

Finish the year by reviewing what you’ve learned, not only through learning and doing, but by failing and “not” doing as well.

  • Begin with the end in mind (episode #)
  • Believe that you can improve, and you can! (episode #)
  • Bored with your current situation? Become an expert at it (episode #)
  • Exercise is the natural cure for lack of motivation (episode #)
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The Vocab & Expressions

to fall flat – to fail completely

to come up with – create

to strive – to work really hard at something; put in a lot of energy with a strong desire

kill two birds with one stone – accomplish to tasks with one activity

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